7 things she would do every quarter about out of school children if her father was governor

My neighbour’s daughter sent me a memo recently about what she would do every quarter about our out of school children if her father was governor of the state. Below are the highlights of her idea:

  1. Convert every unused accommodation in the Government House into makeshift classrooms for the children
  2. Convert every considerable space into temporary hostels, the kind that late Mrs. Ibidun Ighodalo built as shelters to house Covid-19 infected persons
  3. Create a time-table that allows the children use the sporting and recreational facilities in the Government House, in a way that does not clash with those statutorily empowered by law to use those facilities
  4. Expertly determine the natural propensities of the children so that the curriculum is specially tailored to deliberately harness, nurture and grow them.
  5. Mobilize workers and staff working in the Government House to volunteer as teachers of these children
  6. Mobilize her parents to support the idea, especially the bit about feeding the children two times a day
  7. Reach out to other children of governors across the country, and encourage them to replicate the idea in their states
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