5 Did you knows about Niger Bridge in the early years?

  1. Did you know that the Niger Bridge was the only toll bridge (or road) in Nigeria before the Civil War?
  2. Did you know that retreating Biafran forces damaged the Bridge to halt any advance by federal troops into the former East Central State?
  3. Did you know that after the Civil War hostilities ended in January 1970, inspection for repairs was carried out and by March 1970 a bailey bridge had been built there as a temporary measure? Present at the commissioning were Dr. Ukpabi Asika, Administrator of East Central State and Col Olusegun Obasanjo, Commander of the 3rd  Division of the Nigerian Army
  4. Did you know that after the Civil War, there were agitations that tolls should no longer be collected on the Bridge?
  5. Did you know that world-renowned Mathematician Prof Chike Obi was one of the leading voices for the removal of the toll on the Bridge?
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