Why Angola chose Frozen 2 moment to freeze the accounts of Africa’s richest woman, Isabel Dos Santos

This is Frozen 2 moment! The much loved animation movie is chalking up the numbers at the box office. The beautiful music and captivating visuals of Elsa and the rest have scored a home run for the producers. But my neighbour will not ‘Let it go,’ the title of the captivating music in Frozen 1.

He is not happy that the Angolan government chose the Frozen 2 moment to freeze some accounts of Africa’s richest woman, and former Angolan First Daughter, Isabel Dos Santos. You should have seen him make his argument. He sounded like the government was waiting for the release of the movie before freezing the accounts. But I told him it was mere coincidence. That the similarity was only in the word, Frozen.

He didn’t believe me until I showed him Elsa’s Uncertainty Eleven, the players who engaged the mind of the Queen as she prepared to enter the enchanted forests and sail the dark seas. Eleven of them constitute the complete team. They are a compact lot, playing enthusiastically for one another. Here they are:










Probabilities, the captain of the side

The most interesting player in the team is the captain, Probabilities. He is also the most resourceful player in the team. His work-rate is fascinating. Making sure the team pulls together and pushes ahead after the initial setbacks. He it was that made sure Elsa turned it all around.

Unfortunately, Elsa’s Uncertainty Eleven did not receive elaborate treatment in the movie, probably because the producers did not want viewers to linger in sadness but make no mistake about it whenever the wind of uncertainty blows, the eleven players are ready to trade tackles.

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