Who will build a superb mosaic from Nigeria’s scraps as Leonardo Da Vinci did from scraps his master rejected?

Did you miss your bus?

Miss my bus? No, why? What do you mean?

The pump price of fuel will soon move from N162 to N385 and you are here talking about superb mosaic. Who cares about art when people are hungry and feel insecure?

But art is life

In another bygone era. Not in our days. Are you going to sell a mosaic piece to a kidnapper, rapist, cheat, gunman, paedophile or pilferer or fraudster?

Are you saying that these persons don’t do anything else?

How am I supposed to know?

Seriously, are you saying that these persons don’t experience the call of nature in its diverse manifestations?

I don’t know but please speak clearly. Instead of call of nature in its diverse manifestations why not simply say, going to the toilet to wee or poo, or falling asleep?

Where do kidnappers, gunmen and arsonists do their thing while in the bush?

Where do bushmen do their thing? Of course, when in Rome, you do as the Romans. Wait a minute, my friend, I think there’s something else in that your headline

What is it?

I think there’s another category of scraps apart from the one I suspect you mean by your headline

What is the other category?

Leonardo Da Vinci’s master tossed those scraps aside with disdain but you said rejected in your headline.

Both are not exactly the same.

Is that the second category of scraps you wanted to tell me about or you want another argument about meanings?

No, but answer me this question: Which is easier to say: Nigerians who fall into the growing unemployment and underemployment pool have been tossed aside with disdain or Nigerians who fall into the growing unemployment and underemployment pool, have been rejected? Or which is easier to say, the growing number of out-of-school children have been tossed aside with disdain or the growing number of out of school children have been rejected?

Are you calling human beings, created in God’s image, scraps? You cannot do that! No, no, no! It’s completely unacceptable. How dare you? Are you so insensitive? So callous? Imagine. You are so wicked. Haba! What is their crime that you would picture them in such a derogatory spectacle?

Wait, I didn’t use the word. I didn’t mention it in my questions. You’re the one that used the word!

Oh, so you’re setting me up, abi? Do you deny that you’re putting words in my mouth?

In your mouth? How I put words in your mouth when you are not an infant? Wasn’t this discourse supposed to be more about Da Vinci than even the scraps he used for the mosaic?

I don’t care. It should be about that but you like to put words in my mouth. So, I am not interested again.

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