Calls for restructuring in Nigeria and the tiger ‘waiting’ for guests at the Sendi Tribe Treehouse Hotel in China

My neighbour says the calls for restructuring in Nigeria compares favourably with the sight of the tiger pacing the windows of guests at the Sendi Tribe Treehouse Hotel that is located inside the Nantong Forest Safari Park in China.

Some of the rooms in the hotel were built around a tiger’s pen that gives guests a full view of the tigers as well as gives the tigers a full view of the guests, except they choose to pull the blinds in front of the bullet-proof-glass window.

But will the guests eat their meal peacefully, sleep peacefully, take their baths in peace if the tigers become agitated, instead of the random pacing near the windows.

My neighbour thinks that tigers are as close to the windows as calls for restructuring are close to the issues commonly associated with them.

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