What’s missing in the tale of Hima, the defanged and declawed lion cub owned by Chinese man Qi Xiao

First, tell me what you saw from the tale

What’s missing is more important than what’s obvious

Are you saying you didn’t notice the look of delight on the face of Chinese man Qi Xiao after he was reunited with his prized pet, which he loves ‘as a family member?’ Family is worth everything, anyday and anytime.

So, in your mind, a man and lion can be family?

I know what you are thinking but can you deny the evidence staring you in the face? We all saw how he continued to cuddle Hima. And the bulldog, which joined the fanfare, completed the picture of bliss for me

You’re taking this too far. We are talking about a defanged and declawed lion cub, for crying out loud

So what if Hima is defanged and declawed? If man was made in the image of God, what is wrong if the same man decides to make any of the creatures under him, in his own image, doing anything necessary to put the creation in a condition where it can be seen as a family member, like Qi Xiao said?

What? How dare you? You would present a category error to defend an indefensible position.

It’s called science, my friend. Man was commanded to be fruitful, multiply and dominate the world. Defanging and declawing Hima was proof of compliance with that instruction

This is absurd. I’m sorry for you

Don’t be sorry, we found a way to tame the king and make him adorable It’s still only a cub. What will happen when it becomes a full-grown lion? We will cross that bridge when we get there

We? Who are we?

All believers in the command to be fruitful, multiply and dominate the world. Chill, my friend. You have no need to worry.

I do. You are playing with fire. I was going to give you a long list of things missing from the tale but listening to you has made me change my mind. You are happy that Qi Xiao defanged and declawed Hima but he didn’t DE-ROAR it. Or did he? Did he also take away its capacity to roar? Did he also arrest its development? I rest my case.

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