Those Chinese girls paying for virtual boyfriends must know about Yahoo-Yahoo’s ability to mutate

My neighbour is greatly fascinated about recent reports that young, middle income Chinese women, looking for company and conversation online, are happily paying to have their needs met. When he discovered that these ladies with significant disposable income have no immediate plans to marry and begin a family, his fascination intensified. He reminded me about those men of colour famed for their conversation prowess. And ability to impress ladies!

Also, he reminded me that part of the reason for the recent xenophobic attacks that targeted some of these men could be traced to this prowess being put to ‘wrong use.’ Some of their ‘victims’ had lost their girlfriends to the ‘sweet tongue.’ And the other bit of ‘packaging’ that is often added to the ‘sweet tongue’ pitch. These ‘victims,’ felt the only way to regain some of the lost pride was to violently attack these ‘sweet-tongued agents of packaging.’

He went on to remind me of the frightening unemployment statistics in that country. The fact that millions of graduates are unemployed or at best under-employed. More frighteningly, he reminded me that the increased incidence of the Yahoo-Yahoo malaise, which runs pari-pasu with the unemployment situation, will predictably mutate, with ‘opportunity’ such as has been offered by the Chinese ladies! Yahoo-Yahoo loves situations where money can be made easily. Where unsuspecting victims can be deceived to part ways with their cash and valuables.

With greed, the inescapable ally of practitioners of the trade, mutation sets in, as various methods are employed to make the ‘pitch’ more compelling to the target.

My neighbour fears that those innocent ladies may soon be hit in the face by a 300pounds truck!

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