The cathartic value of Comedienne Princess Damilola Adekola’s Body Bag (Aramo Apa) and its unintended consequence

To the extent that ace comedienne Princess Damilola Adekola says Body Bag (Aramo Apa) is her story, the movie is cathartic on the following scores:

  1. It offered her the opportunity to release her pent-up emotions, especially her fears
  2. It offered her an opportunity to tell her story in such a way that it elicits understanding and less condemnation
  3. It offered her an opportunity to compensate for some of the guilt she experienced following what happened
  4. It offered her an opportunity to purge, cleanse and rid herself of assumptions, notions and concerns she previously held
  5. It offered her the opportunity to experience fresh measures of reassurance and relaxation, which certainly enabled her to regain her mojo

However, there is an unintended consequence from the overall portrayal made of her ex. While many viewers will extend understanding to Princess (on screen and off screen) from the totality of her portrayal of her character, they are not likely to do the same to her ex (on screen and off screen.) While the proportion of understanding will likely increase in one direction, the proportion of contempt, disdain and opprobrium will likely increase in the other direction.

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