So monkeys are protesting that rather than blame rodents, humans have tagged them with monkeypox?

Do you blame the monkeys? Humans mostly contract monkeypox from rodents according to available research, yet monkeys are being tagged.

If only you could understand their language! They are completely upset by the stigmatization and labelling

I know, right. It’s so completely unfair

Please, please. Let’s not begin another discourse about fairness. Look around you. It’s everywhere.

But if it’s any consolation, I hear the WHO is working on changing the name from monkeypox to something else.

About time. But what about reparations for the many years of stigmatization and labelling?

Seriously? Is that a new campaign or what?

It’s playing in my headbut I don’t know whether it’s a viable one or not.

Give it some more thought; with some of these things you never know

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