If Nigeria were the Royal Gate Hotel, who would Tom and Jerry be?

What’s that supposed to mean? I watched the newly released movie last week and I don’t get your point.

You will shortly. Who is the owner of the Royal Gate hotel?

I don’t know but it’s definitely not Tom or Jerry.

So now you know the answer to my question?

I still don’t get you.

You said Tom and Jerry are not the owners of the hotel.


And they were fighting on a property that neither owned? They were fighting to impose their presence on a property that they did not own? They were fighting to have some kind of hold over a property that neither owned?

‘Am waiting to see what this has to do with Nigeria.

Who is the owner of Nigeria?

The people of Nigeria, of course.

And the people of Nigeria are not Tom and Jerry?

Are you trying to confuse me or what?

Not at all.

Are you are not reading too much into the movie?

I am not. Please don’t rush your answers next time. Let us start again. If Nigeria were the Royal

Gate Hotel, who would Tom and Jerry be?

Are you assuming that ‘Tom and Jerry Nigerians’ played no part in Nigeria’s being and existence?

If they did not play any part in Nigeria’s being and existence who did?

You will find the answer in the name of the only being who remains after everyone has departed the scene

And your message to Tom and Jerry Nigerians?

Both characters are capable of cancelling out each other in almost equal measure, and over what? Something that belongs to another, graciously provided to everyone within that space to be used judiciously.

You’re saying ‘Tom and Jerry Nigerians’ must work together, not be at each other’s throat.

Thank you.

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