Post COVID-19, If you don’t know how to dig or like to beg you must…

…Know how to solve problems. Here is the story:

There was a certain employee who received word that his boss had decided to sack him. He reviewed the situation and made the following preliminary conclusion: he didn’t know how to dig, that is he didn’t know how to farm. Neither did he like to beg because it undermined his dignity. What options were open to him? He decided to solve one of his boss’s lingering problems. His boss was being owed by some persons.

He analyzed the situation and concluded his boss would appreciate getting back part or all of what was owed him. He determined what the debtors could pay, contacted them, and requested them to pay just that amount. Imagine his boss was owed $100, 000 each by the two gentlemen. At the end of the day, he got Debtor A to pay $50,000 and Debtor B $80,000. So instead of losing $200,000, he got $130,000 for his boss who commended his shrewdness.

Questions How did he know his boss preferred half a load to none? How did he determine what each debtor should pay How did he get them to pay Did his boss retain his service after this episode? Would you retain his service after this episode? Would you be interested in what he told the debtors to get them to pay?

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