Is John Bolton’s book the kindling of a fire?

Would his example inflame other former advisers to powerful political and business leaders to follow suit? Would it plant the same seed in all who are currently advisers to powerful political and business leaders around the world? Would the perception of the book as a stab in the back in some quarters compel a rejig of the client-adviser architecture? And might not trust and openness be the casualty from such an exercise?

Or would the perception of the book as a necessary means to bring down President Donald Trump further substantiate the argument of those who subscribe to that famous quote of Malcolm X, ‘By any means necessary?’

What if John Bolton’s corner insist they did not kindle the fire but only decided to add some embers to an already kindling flame, President Trump having provided the conditions necessary for whatever available embers to the thrown into the almost raging inferno? That because this Caesar has lived below reproach, the rules of engagement have changed.

What is at the heart of Bolton’s book? What particular principles are embedded in the decision to disclose to the public matters otherwise shared with him in confidence? How is the wellbeing of the collective, in the now and future, strengthened by his decision? Does anyone know the quality of harvest awaiting any society that sacrifices trust for mistrust? Or unity for discord and suspicion? Or what is the quality of justice if it is rooted in bitterness?

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