#Liam Neeson’s The Marksman as a Metaphor series 4: Pursue the best option, regardless

Those who advocate the pursuit of the best option in any given situation, do so because it is difficult to be effortlessly happy anywhere else. For the best option yields the most outcomes, not necessarily in a material sense but the biggest bag fulfilment.

It is the top marksman creed to seek the best. He would not be top if he settled for anything but the best in the first place.

And his much-valued skill would not command as much premium if he didn’t provide sufficient proof that it was anchored on thought. To anchor on thought means to be given to enquiry and investigation. It means to be given to deep examination. It means to be analytical. A top marksman is analytical in thought and outlook. Look again at Liam’s eyes in the above photo. What do you see? A mind deep in thought though the lips are moving.

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