Unveiling The Matrix Resurrections’ Nuggets for the New Year (#NFTNY) Series

A new year is a kind of a resurrection; a reboot, restart or rebirth. It is a fresh beginning coming on the back of the old year that just passed away. It’s Day Three of the New Year with the sense of freshness lingering in the air. The harmattan appears feeble but its effect can still be felt. Just as the general optimism that usually characterizes the birth of a new year may be seen on many faces.

When producers of the Matrix Trilogy released THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS to fans of the franchise, and persons who love entertainment offerings built on virtual reality, they offered another entertaining peek into that world. To the extent that the movie still commands considerable attention this early in the year after its release last year, and considering that its key idea centres around the ‘resurrection’ of Neo and Trinity’s love, among others, we may draw some useful ideas from the movie to help our general outlook and handling of this New Year. With the intent that we are better armed and equipped to go through the year more successfully than would have been the case if we didn’t consciously consider how we may effectively live and enjoy the best of this New Year to the fullest.

In the coming days, we will provide our readers with specific nuggets extracted from the movie, which we are convinced will help readers have a great year ahead. The series will be called THE MATRIX


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