#Liam Neeson’s The Marksman as a Metaphor series 1: Come equipped

Many are called but few are chosen by the call from today’s victim. But it does not mean that the chosen few run to the mission field without the assistance of others. They know among the many, who and what to call, when and how. And they appropriate these external resources because from the get go, they have some special skills and abilities of their own.

They have been equipped by their own experience, history and encounters for such a time like this. Expertise and abilities they acquired in the course of former tours of duty have primed them for the current challenges. Because a good measure of their dominant skills and abilities are adaptable and easily transferable, the victims have the faith that they can be trusted. And being a former of the marine corps is just a tip of the iceberg here. Being a successful marksman does not really depend on having a military background.

Place premium value on your uncommon skills, abilities and intelligence.

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