Kanye West change of name to Ye – Did Burna Boy’s Ye play any part in it?

How did such a thought cross your mind?

Didn’t you see the news that Kanye West has applied to change his name from Kanye Omari West to Ye?

I did.

And you are wondering how I connected the news to Burna Boy’s Ye song?

You didn’t hear my question.

E ma gba mi, ke? I didn’t hear your question, bawo? What do you mean I didn’t hear your question?

It’s why you didn’t give me the right answer

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

What are you doing?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

You are trying too hard

Trying too hard to do what?

Force something that should come naturally. It’s Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

That’s not how it sounds to me. It’s Ye, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye

That’s not what Burna Boy sang

But that’s how it sounded to me

Sorry to disappoint you. But let me help you. What famous musician was fond of saying, “Everybody say, Yeah, Yeah?”

Fela, na.

Good. Burna Boy had nothing to do with Kanye’s change of name. He must have been thinking of Fela’s ‘Yeah, Yeah when he wrote the song.

But why did he title the song, Ye if he was thinking of Yeah?

He wanted to differentiate himself from Fela even though the roots remained Fela’s Yeah

Oh, I see.

Can you now answer my question?

What question?

How did that thought cross your mind?

I don’t understand?

How did that thought cross your mind?

You are confusing me

How do THOUGHTS cross your mind?

How do THOUGHTS cross my mind?


I don’t know, from things I see, read, hear, feel, smell, taste, I guess.

Go figure

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