If WhatsApp messages disappear after 7 days what happens to love notes Romeos want Juliets to keep ‘forever?’

Did they tell you WhatsApp was set up for Romeos to send love notes to Juliets?

But Romeos have been using it for that purpose

That’s incidental

Ewo! Okpokpo-oyibo! You just reminded me of my classmates that liked to use big words.

What you mean?

Go ahead. Bring it on. More, please. Speak it, my friend. Did you say Incidental?


That’s what I’m talking about. Now, you’re on a roll

Come of it, my friend.

I will when you stop showing off

Showing off?

If you’re not showing off then my name is Joe Biden

That’s preposterous!

Have you seen KH?

Who is that?

Kamala Harris?

What has she got to do with this conversation?

Aren’t you the one that invited them? Instead of you to kiss.

Have you been drinking?

Not at all. I’m not like you. I will tell you what it kiss means. Keep it simple, stupid!

Oh, so it’s time for insults too.

Not at all but I’m sure you get the message. Of course, you are not stupid. I only expressed concern about the feelings of Romeos now that WhatsApp have said messages in a chat will disappear after 7 days. What will happen to those who wished to keep their love notes to their Juliets for as long as time permit?

I gave you the answer I felt you needed but you are back with the same question, I will answer you with my own question – Why do you think WhatsApp wants to implement such an idea at this time?

How am supposed to know that?

You told me about kiss, I will now tell you about this new development. It’s all about privacy concerns expressed by some customers. You know networks are taking matters of privacy quite seriously these days. So WhatsApp will be implementing this new feature later this month, primarily because of privacy concerns of some users. Just like some Romeos want to keep their love notes for ever, there are others who prefer not to keep such contents. It appears like they are in the majority.

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