Funke Akindele’s Omo Ghetto as proof of the power resident in The Poor Collective

In our profiling of ten most powerful people in Lagos recently, we placed the Poor Collective in the first position. Because persons in The Poor Collective constitute the largest power center in Lagos state. They are the proverbial goose that lay the golden eggs of Lagos.

With Omo Ghetto’s success as the highest-grossing movie out of Nigeria till date, comes further proof of the potentials embedded within that space.

What is the fascination with Omo Ghetto? Is the fact that it boasts of a creme cast or because many, many people can relate with the story? Is it because it was directed by Funke Akindele, aka Jenifa and her husband, JJC Skillz or because of the deep psychological connection it arouses in many who have seen the flick, especially the antics of Lefty? How many people in Lagos do not have memories of a Lefty in their repertoire? Whether these are memories of fun, laughter or dare devilry, it doesn’t matter, the actions of a typical Lefty are almost always guaranteed to leave you perplexed!

Without doubt, the creative poor is often a fascinating subject. The enigmatic poor is fascinating as well as the daring poor. Funke Akindele wove together these elements in a compelling serve as Omo Ghetto and she is smiling to the banks.

But what is the bigger story here? The bigger story for The Poor Collective is the inspiration that bonafide member of the group can always breakout, leaving poverty behind and living a much better life thereafter. It is the message that members possess massive amounts of contents and treasures that are waiting to be mined.

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