David Ntekim-Rex – Anthony Mackie’s Outside the Wire as a case study for Nigeria’s software community

Following the publication yesterday of our piece on David Ntekim-Rex and how Nigeria’s software community can keep his memory alive, using Liam Neeson’s The Honest Thief model, my neighbour suggested something interesting. He wants Nigeria’s software community to consider Anthony Mackie’s Outside the Wire as an important case study as part of the overall strategy. He thinks the movie is a good place to start.

So, he wants members of the community to look closely at the Netflix movie to ‘learn’ one or two important things about how technology is pushing the frontiers in incredible ways. He’s already fantasizing about having an Anthony Mackie-like Fourth-generation biotech ‘guy’ at Jibowu, Obalende, CMS, etc. He believes David would smile from heaven when he sees these technology ‘guys’ strolling about in our inner cities, particularly the fact that his passing triggered a concentrated attempt by his constituency to embrace the ‘Never Again’ philosophy.

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