Burna Boy’s really Coming in Hot

I’ve been waiting for your post on Burna Boy since he won the Grammy Award but as usual you would add your own drama

What are you talking about?

What’s wrong with Odogwu’s really Coming in Hot?

Theres nothing wrong with it

But you are not satisfied until you knock the head of his fans with those of Andy Mineo and Lecrae knowing the position of Coming in Hot on Spotify and other streaming platforms?

But you know I wouldn’t do such a thing.

You wouldn’t, yet you cast your headline that way. You think I don’t know you.

Take it easy, my friend

Oh, is it because of what he said to all those who were praying that he would not win? That he won solely on his singular efforts? You people should learn to forget some things, abeg. Let the young man enjoy his moment in the sun in peace.

You see why you must go with my headline?


No one enjoys his moment in the sun alone.

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