Borno’s Base of Bentonite Beauty: A Bernard Arnault-inspired narrative and its promise

Louis Vuitton’s Bernard Arnault is the third richest man in the world. He sits atop the LVMH conglomerate. His current net worth is $93.6billion. He made $5billion in three days in October. For him, “The most important thing in business is to position yourself for long term, and not to be impatient…”

I wonder if he has ever heard of Borno’s base of Bentonite Beauty. Borno State is Nigeria’s capital of Bentonite. The mineral resource is abundant in many parts of the state. Bentonite is used to detoxify and cleanse skin and hair.

Thinking long term now, as he says we should, in what creative ways can we merge the vast potential of Borno’s Bentonite with the beauty side of things in the LVMH conglomerate, as we explore more practical ways of rebuilding Borno State?

Would a win-win scenario not emerge if Borno State became the primary base for the sourcing of raw materials required by LVMH skin and hair detoxifying brands?

If Nigeria entered a barter deal with France that will facilitate the process, might the package not include other components that will impact positively on general infrastructure and human capital development of Borno State and her people?

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