7 COOL things about Ali Baba, Mr Macaroni, Taaooma, Shaggi, Elenu, Kenny Blaq, Seyi Law & Ay latest shot at Rape

  1. It demonstrates leadership as leading Nigerian comedians, announcing their resolve to be ‘part of the solution,’ publicly admit they ‘have contributed to this ’
  2. Its focused – just the message in black and white – nothing more
  3. Its bullseye because it introduces the link between entertainment and shaping of thoughts and actions into the discourse
  4. Its timing is perspicacious! (come off it!)
  5. Its composition is broad-based
  6. Musicians, artists, directors, producers and other creators of contents that objectify women may accept ‘the challenge’
  7. Talented Mr. Macaroni and others may begin to produce contents that no longer objectify women (oin!)
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