Bernie Sanders says billionaires should not exist and Mark Zuckerberg says he agrees with him

What am I supposed to do with that?

You don’t believe them?

Politicians and billionaires?

Yes, don’t you believe them?

What difference does it make if I say I believe or do not believe them? By the way, if billionaires should not exist, is it politicians who should? Don’t you have more productive use for your time?

Of course, I do. I’m surprised you are not interested in the fact that a United States presidential hopeful has declared war on billionaires

I’m not interested

You don’t want to know who will win?

I thought you said Zuckerberg agrees with Sanders. Where is the declaration of war in that?

I don’t believe Zuckerberg spoke for the other billionaires. I don’t even know when he was appointed spokesman for the elite club. Besides, he should not be the spokesman at all; he is too high up the ladder to have been given such a task. Other lowly placed billionaires should be the spokesperson.

Do you hear yourself? Other lowly-placed billionaires? Who is a lowly-placed billionaire?

But you know what I mean. Why are you making this straightforward discussion complicated?

And you’re not complicating the views of both men, yourself?

No. Those were their exact words

Oh common on. Now tell me, what is the name of the greatest aphrodisiac ever handled by man called?


Yes, my friend. Raw power. Tell me the name of any man of power who gently surrendered it to another?

But Zuckerberg says he agrees with him

That’s why he is the 5th richest person in the world

I don’t get you

How long has he been in the top ten billionaires bracket?

Pretty long

And you say you don’t get it?

I’m sorry I don’t know what to say

I would have told you more but let me limit my comment to this: authentic billionaires like him like nothing more than the thrill of a challenge of this sort. Always remember that. It is the thrill of the challenge. They live for those moments. Like dogs with high sniffing capabilities, they smell they from afar and activate incrementally, the appropriate responses as time passes. And relishing every moment.

How do you know all this?

Start by looking at what he did not say

What he did not say? Hasn’t this discussion been about what both men said?

Then you have forgotten that action speaks louder than words.

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