An Okada-Rider’s logic

One evening, a guy flagged an Okada-rider to take him to the cinema. He hopped on the back seat and they began their journey. Shortly after he asked the passenger for his fare telling him that he didn’t want members of the transport union stationed at the entrance of the cinema, to demand his evening dues from him. He pleaded that the union members were fond of demanding arbitrary fares from bike riders even after they had paid their daily dues. His passenger then dipped his hand into his back pocket and brought out of couple of Naira notes of varying denomination. The Okada-rider collected N100 and the passenger returned what’s left into his pocket. Suddenly, the wind blew away the money from the hand of the Okada-rider before he could put it away inside his pocket. He did not stop or turned the bike to go in search of the N100 but kept his eyes on the road ahead of him.

When they got to the cinema, he asked his passenger for his fare. The passenger was surprised he would even wait and ask for his fare after all the story about members of the transport union demanding and forcefully collecting their dues. Not to worry, he put his hand back in his pocket and brought out a N50 note, which he handed over to the Okada-rider. But he refused to collect the N50, insisting that the correct fare is N100!

“But you left the N100 I paid you,” his passenger tried to keep his anger from rising.

“Shebi, that one don pass, Oga” “Pass what?”

“Oga, you understand na?”

“No, I know understand. I have already paid you.”

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