10 key intentions behind the Umaru Shinkafi Security and Intelligence Summit holding today

  1. Return matters of security and intelligence to the front burner, in the face of huge distractions that inadvertently create the condition for dropping of guards
  2. Remind all merchants of violence that their ‘memos’ have been received
  3. And that these ‘memos’ are receiving considerable attention from the relevant agencies
  4. The biggest of all agencies, Mother Nature, with its markedly different parts: plants, animals, sun, soil, air and others, work together, not apart
  5. Provide another platform of engagement for all stakeholders to review existing data, consider trends, and forge a better way forward
  6. Provide the gift of opportunity so that keen observers may identify, and harvest previously unknown approaches and ideas to protracted security challenges, which when implemented, will bring true and lasting change
  7. Highlight some inescapable realities of an insecure society, namely:
  8. Ultimately, insecurity benefits no one or group
  9. We do not let it go round, if we do not want it to come around, and lastly,
  10. Remember Alhaji Umaru Ali Shinkafi whose enduring legacy is the force behind it all.
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