What’s the Consolation Quotient for Nigeria by the US cash issues, China’s power issues and UK’s fuel issues?

Wait my friend, why are these events happening at the same? How could the mighty United States be talking about running out of cash? How could the mighty China be having massive power outages as if Nigerian Gencos and Discos transmitted their services there? And how could the usually efficient UK be having issues with fuel distribution as if NUPENG drivers took over delivery of products in the aftermath of Covid’s widespread impact? Can you explain why these issues are happening at the same time?

That’s an issue for another day

Another day? You don’t want to strike when the iron is hot?

Don’t let ASUU, NASU and JOHESU hear you o! At least University lecturers in US, China and the UK are not on strike

Do you wish that they go on strike?

I’m not sure anymore. Its’ almost as if anything can happen, anywhere these days.

I know, right?

But aren’t there things that cannot be shaken, regardless? I mean aren’t there things that are unshakeable?

Only the Entity that’s unshakeable can design that which may not be shaken?

And what is that Entity?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

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