Using Carl Lewis disappointment at US athletics men’s relay team Tokyo Olympics performance as cover

Life was designed to have covers. The Designer-in-chief built the concept into the fabric of his creation. Depending on how you look, you will always find a cover. It must be said though, that not all covers are the same. Some may be adequate for certain situation but when transported to other situations, they may not be adequate. Using umbrellas as symbols, some covers may be appropriate in certain weather and inappropriate in others.

When performers and contestants come short of the expectations of fans and admirers, and the rain of frustrated admirers begin to fall as unpleasant comments, etc, the urge to run for cover, to distract from the disquiet, discomfort, sadness and pain, sets in. If the rain refuses to let off, any available cover comes in handy.

Many track and field performers with disappointing results at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics Games, may take temporary shelter under the cover inadvertently provided by American track and field legend, Carl Lewis, whose blistering criticism of the US athletics men’s relay team, came after they were knocked out of the competition recently. Those who considered his expression of disappointment as a distraction, may use the moment as cover that allows them reflect better over the post-mortem of their own performance. If the great team US (historical high performers at the Olympics track events) could disappoint some of the legends, then those with lesser Olympics pedigree, might breathe better, on the back of their own sub-par performances. They are likely to look at the new company of consolation differently. Which in itself, could become fuel for a fresh start, and renewed attempt to fix in the future what was responsible for the poor performance at the ongoing Olympics. This gift of consolation is priceless.

But where might the US athletics men’s relay team find its cover while other teams and performers use its situation as their own cover, preparatory to a making a rebound? The key lies in patience as something will soon happen in the horizon to deflect attention from them. It is what life is.

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