Those who love Nigeria and those who prefer Botswana

They love Nigeria because they have not known any other country since they were born. Their parents are Nigerians. So were their grandparents. They are educated. They love to read, and have discovered the incredible power called internet access. They have bound themselves by oath to know as much about themselves as possible. And as much about others too. They have ceased worrying about many of their teachers and lecturers who have no idea about their brewing disquiet. The other day, one of my friends who have a couple of them under his roof told me of the following conversation he had with one:

Dad, we cannot live in this world. We will not live in this world!

What are you talking about?

I’m serious dad. We will change things when we become better

When you become better what?

For God’s sake, Dad, why should passengers traveling by train in the night be subjected to such indignities? The train stopped suddenly in the bush. No backup. Imagine having to carry their luggage and walk on the rail track for over 1000 meters to the station in Kaduna. In the dead of night, Dad!

How did you know about the Abuja-Kaduna train incident?

The pictures are online, Dad.

You’re sure it is not fake news? You have to be careful son. You know government appears serious about this hate speech and social media bill.

Oh, Dad. We’re not you. It is always better to be the underdog, in fights such as this one. We prefer to be underrated. Remember Andy Ruiz Jr had no chance against Anthony Joshua, the first time but what’s the story today?


Don’t worry, Dad. We’ve figured it out already

What are you going to do?

I’m sorry I cannot tell you that?

You can’t do that.

I love Nigeria too Dad but I prefer Botswana

You what?

I prefer Botswana

But you have never travelled out of Nigeria since you were born

I have. I’ve been in Botswana for the past two weeks.

I know you don’t do weed. What’s happening to you, my son?

Nothing, Dad. I just prefer Botswana. Here is why. Botswana used to be one of the poorest countries in Africa. Today, it has one of the best and modern economies. The place is fantastic. Infrastructure there is top notch. In fact, it has become the destination of choice for me and my friends.

Destination of choice?

Yes, Dad. My friends and I have been thinking about this poverty business. Young people know the stories and all those depressing statistics. They know about the poverty realities.

I know they do

And you don’t think they don’t wonder why smart solutions in tackling poverty are not being pushed more vigorously?

Are you not convinced about the poverty alleviation optics you see and hear about?

Are you, Dad? What’s so difficult about calling the De Beers guys, Dad?

De Beers? Who are so called?

Oh, Dad! You don’t know De Beers Group? I get it

You get what?

You said you don’t know De Beers Group, Dad?

Yes, that’s what I said

You don’t know one of the leading companies in the world with proven expertise in exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds?

What about them?

They are an integral part of the Botswana success story. They partnered with Botswana to change the story of that formerly poor country to the beauty it has become


What do you mean, so, Dad? Why can’t beloved Nigeria do with De Beers Group what Botswana did with her? Zamfara and some other states have diamonds in commercial quantities. Call the De Beers guys and get a win-win package going. That is no rocket science.

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