The story of what happened to my neighbor’s Infinix phone when he went with it to dreamland

My neighbour has been very grateful since the rains have brought a calming coolness to the weather and made it possible for him to enjoy a quick afternoon nap where the same would have been very difficult if the weather remained hot as it had been, protesting the recent collapse of public electricity supply. In the last one week, he has had about four quick naps and some sweet dreams to boot but the experience he had yesterday afternoon after school runs left him very frustrated.

Before he fell asleep, he was listening to one of his favorite podcasters. Actually, he did not know when sleep came. Suddenly, he was summoned to a meeting with his chairman and members of the board of directors. Everyone was seated and waiting for him to turn off his telephone for the meeting to begin. He did everything he could for the Infinix android phone to go off but the device refused. Of course, he made sure he avoided the penetrating stares from the persons already seated at the table. When he attempted to read the lips of the HR director, what he gleaned from the exercise was “Mr. Showoff.” Of course, he was not showing off but there was no way to prove that he wasn’t since the device producing the sound was in his hands! He knew he already looked like a nuisance in front of everyone and the feeling of embarrassment was beginning to choke him when he woke up suddenly and saw his Infinix Android phone hanging gingerly beside some of his current reads! Instinctively, he reached out for the phone and turned it off. Of course, the phone complied.

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