Spenser ‘Lagos’ Confidential: Mark Wahlberg, Lagos NMA, the Nigerian Police and 5 Thoughtabouts

My neighbour recently watched Spenser Confidential, the Netflix action thriller, which featured Mark Wahlberg as an ex-cop who busted a ring of corrupt police officers in Boston. He said he didn’t know how come that was the movie he decided to watch last week to take his mind away from the distressing news that doctors in Lagos were going on strike because of some unpleasant encounters with law enforcement officers in the state executing the curfew order imposed between 8pm and 6am. Thankfully, the matter has since been resolved and doctors have since called off the sit-at-home and returned to work.

My neighbour said he had 5 Thoughtabouts (you guessed right; it was my first time of hearing the word too) from associating the movie with the incident involving Lagos Nigeria Medical Association, NMA and the Police. I thought he should have called them Laughabouts because I cracked up when he showed me what he had written down.

  1. Mark Wahlberg: “You don’t need muscle to knock somebody out.”

Lagos NMA: “… Sit at home….”

  1. Mark Wahlberg: “Defense is the best offense sometimes.”

Lagos NMA: “…Sit at home.”

  1. Mark Wahlberg: “We know the players. I just gotta figure out what the game is.”

Lagos NMA: “…Sit at home.”

  1. Mark Wahlberg: “Don’t play stupid with me.

Lagos NMA: “…Sit at home…”

  1. Mark Wahlberg: “I know you know things, Squeeb. You got ears on the streets.”

Lagos NMA: “…Hereby directs all members to resume work at 6pm today.”

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