Samson opened his mouth to speak but there were no words…

He searched his mind for the first words to begin but the efforts yielded nothing. How could this be. Something that was always so simple. Something he actually did before without thought, he found himself struggling to even start. Previously, he would just open his mouth and words, of the captivating variant will come tumbling out. Washing over his audience, leaving them impressed and imagining places, persons and all kinds of moments.

Speaking of moment, here was one moment, he never contemplated. Samson, the preacher man Wist not that the LORD was departed from him. Since! like his namesake from many generations earlier, the chickens had come home to roost.

Making continuous withdrawals without commensurate deposits into the account of his Source had run its full course. He could no longer give what he didn’t have. Words once came easily to him whenever he stood before people to speak.

And that was because he gave himself to pray, praise and ponder before his Source, prior to his encounter with the people. The result was acclaim, attention and applause. Not being skillful in handling these attendant consequences of diligent, daily praise, pray and pondering exercises before his Source, soon led to the shocking experience of paragraph one.

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