National Amnesia Party of Nigeria (NAMPN)’s call for members

I am told promoters of National Amnesia Party of Nigeria, NAMPN are preparing to formally approach the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, for registration as a political party. They were at one of the popular cinema locations recently to watch the last instalment of Marvel’s Avenger’s series, Endgame, and widely applauded when Thanos delivered this unforgettable line: ‘… as long as there are those who remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be.’

They are advocating a monthly day of National Forgetting of unresolved grievances and injustices. A day when there will be a national blackout on grievances, especially from the past. The previous twenty-four hours and everything further behind.

When asked why they would make this their major plank for wooing the electorate, they argued that it was their way of bringing own the high level of tension in the country at the moment. This tension has significantly slowed down many of the otherwise productive activities in the country.

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