Michael B. Jordan’s interpretation of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse: The Other side of Vengeance, #The OSOV Series – 3

Members of the coincidence squad throw in their two mites as the pursuer makes progress in his mission. Carrying the same weight as that of the two mites throw into the treasury by that famous widow.

The coincidence squad never abandon the pursuer of vengeance but stay in step with him. They have an obligation to provide the pursuer of vengeance with moments to ponder more deeply his quest. And when the pursuer does oblige them, he sometimes regards their actions as works of chance. He speculates about the works and concludes that a number of reasons could have influenced their occurrence. He hardly ever believes though, that any of those reasons had anything to do with his quest.

But what exactly do members of the coincidence squad bring? They bring answers that require patience to decipher. Far away from ancient times, many sages who wrestled with issues of coincidence later taught themselves to be mindful of what they noticed because of how the deductions answered some throbbing questions. Coincidence was proof that other interests apart from the interests which preoccupied the sages, existed. And usually, more powerfully sometimes. Upon further enquiry, they allowed the bigger interests to subsume theirs when they realized it was pointless to attempt to cover the sun with a palm of hands.

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