Man City £100m move for Harry Kane as metaphor for relentlessness

It is an important move that proves that relentlessness is an important part of the football club’s DNA. Coming after losing the UEFA Champions League trophy to premiership rivals, Chelsea, the move removes any doubt as to where the club’s ambition is headed. And commends itself to everyone or institution that has suffered any kind of setback, to keep going. Keep trying. And keep pushing. Until the big prize is won. As things stand, it is no longer a question of if but a question of when.

But it must be said here that relentlessness does not have to be audacious, like the big move for Harry Kane. The audacious moves have their place. Just like the daily, ordinary, routine-like moves that some refer to as simply ‘showing up to do the duty!’ Moves such as getting out of bed when the temptation to change position and continue sleeping long after the sun has risen, nudges the sleeper. Moves such as taking a shower and getting dressed when the temptation to walk around the house aimlessly, pushes the half-awake fellow.

Those who do not show up never know what might have been!

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