Liam Neeson’s Honest Thief – Memo 9: This tribe of thieves will keep stealing until…

They can make the distinction between money, adrenaline rush and love!

What do we call the feeling between thieves and their female partners when the thieves return home with their loot after a successful operation? When the thieves order for booze, pepper soup and sundry items to celebrate the moment with their girls, what do we call the feeling when they embrace and get closer…? Love?

Now, what do we call Liam found with Annie? Are the two the same?

Would we have more cases of robbery if the former and latter were the same? Or would there be robbery at all if they were the same?

Evidently, Liam found love with Annie. It is the ‘last bus-top’ for the honest thief. After justice and every other concern and motive has been fulfilled, love conquers all. No wonder, love remains the greatest and most powerful virtue and ethic.

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