#CandidCITATION 6 – Are there clues for knowing the thin line Joke Silva says exists between wooing & oppression?

  • Whereas the use of ‘red flags’ such as subtle threats are present in oppression, they may be absent in wooing
  • The ‘manipulative’ quality is more heightened in oppression than in wooing
  • Whereas the heart might beat ‘normal’ when the prey is being wooed, it will beat faster when it is being oppressed
  • Overall, while being wooed the ‘prey’ might feel relaxed while she might feel restless and out of sorts when being oppressed
  • The nature and quality of gifts and compliments given to the ‘prey’ might differ significantly between a ‘wooer’ and an ‘oppressor.’
  • A ‘wooer’ might focus on dignifying the ‘prey’ while an oppressor might focus on objectifying the prey
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