Billie Eilish, her stalker, Prenell Rousseau and the 3-year court restraining order

Reports say teen superstar and award-winning artist, Billie Eilish and her parents were traumatized by the actions of Prenell Rousseau, before recently securing a 3-year restraining order against him.

The 24year Rousseau repeatedly appeared in their home, rang the doorbell and asked if she lived there. Or he simply touched the door knob, his mind preoccupied with things no one really knows about. Not satisfied with the answers he got he went to sit on her porch, reading a book or engaging in soliloquy.

What was fueling the obvious thrill he was getting from subjecting others to heightened disquiet? What kept urging him on despite the many attempts to discourage him before the eventual court order? Why did he appear so adamant to reason and common sense? What was the string holding together all of his obsessive-compulsive actions directed at Billie Eilish?

Some people blame narcissism for his actions seeing how narcissistic the world has become with all of the many beguiling variants but I urge us to look at his monologues. Of all the actions he’s alleged to have made towards Eilish, I’m convinced his monologuing require a closer interrogation. Words always win, like water eventually occupying space. He rang the doorbell, touched the doorknob, sat in the porch, read a book and engaged in monologues. The last activity must be the big elephant in the room and the string holding the others together. Constantly repeating whatever words, he has chosen makes his air full of those words. The triumph of his words transported the images everywhere he turned. It was how come he knew he had the right address even when Eilish’s father told him he had the wrong address. He saw what he had been speaking in those monologues, right through the man who stood in front of him. There is urgent need to re-write or replace those neural pathways with stimuli that substitutes the Eilish contents with others if the stalking will not restart at the expiration of the 3year restraining order.

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