Adulterated Fuel: Will your friend be tempted?

I beg your pardon! I don’t have any friend who is a petroleum products marketer

Will you then be tempted?

Tempted to do what? Sell adulterated fuel? What do you take me for?

Without exception, we all face temptations. It is why our teachers emphasized that portion of the Lord’s Prayer when we were in primary school – ‘Lead us not into temptation and deliver from evil.’


Indeed, my friend. It is one of those moments once again. It is lying at the door, waiting to draw away those who are looking for NOTHING but quick bucks.

You have just made me remember those guys who brought out the fighter in late Prof Dora Akunyili (God rest her soul!) because they continued to package poisonous substances and sold the same as food/drugs to the public.

Yes, indeed. When the desire to have money at all costs get to saturating point, the famous customer, the same one that led mankind’s first murderer along that murderous path, approaches the door, to lead new catches into the deepest darkness.

Do you really think some people will attempt to sell the adulterated fuel that has been roundly condemned by all even though the times have become very desperate indeed?

It is the nature of adulterous affairs. They engender needless anxieties and desperation in the parties.

Is this why it is called adulterated fuel?


Or should they have called it corrupted fuel?

Whether it is called adulterated or corrupted fuel, the meaning remains the same at the core. Please remember that the condition is not helped when adultery in any form is deodorized and glamorized. It is like pulling the trigger of a gun. You cannot accurately predict the full impact.

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