Between getting a bigger club and playing for Jurgen Klopp, which is a better deal for Victor Osimhen?

You are too late

Why do you say that?

Darwin Nunez is on his way to Anfield


What do you mean by what? Didn’t you hear the news?

I didn’t

But are you aware that Sadio Mane wants to go to Bayern Munich FC and Robert Lewandoski wants to go to Barcelona FC?

I saw that report but why should Lewandoski want a move to Barcelona FC instead of Liverpool FC?

I thought you were more interested in Victor Osimhen joining Liverpool FC if I understood your question about which is a better deal for him at this time

My brother, honestly, I wish Victor Osimhen can be coached by Jurgen Klopp. That man is just something else.

But his coach, Luciano Spaletti says he wants to make Victor fearsome

What were you expecting him to say?

I don’t know again.

All I want for Victor is to come under the tutelage of someone like Klopp.

How can that happen with the price tag his club has placed on him. Do you know that Sadio Mane, Darwin Nunez or even Robert Lewandoski do not even have the kind of price tag they have placed on Victor?

Hm. I’m just concerned for Victor because something tells me that Victor can become the hottest thing in world football in a few years like Kylian Mbappe has become, if only he gets the right kind of coach behind him.

Was Kylian Mbappe coached by Klopp or was Karim Benzema, who was simply superb in the just concluded season, coached by Klopp at any time? Luciano Spaletti may yet realize his dream with Victor. Give them some time.

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