4 kinds of Interceptors Nigeria currently need inspired by Netflix Interceptor – 1

The Ejiro Otarigho Unit – Otherwise known as EOU.

Ejiro Otarigho burst into national consciousness recently when he assumed the role of an interceptor somewhere in Delta State. He got into a petroleum tanker that had caught fire and drove the moving ball of fire away from causing maximum damage to life and property. Through his quick thinking and bravery, he intercepted the otherwise dangerous trajectory of the ‘petroleum missile’ and ‘neutralized’ its impact. By his action, he created the conditions necessary for rallying and recruiting persons of similar constitution to join the Ejiro Otarigho Unit, otherwise known as the EOU.

Ejiro has become a symbol and an appropriate one for that matter to encourage those who would join the EOU to do like he has done. The chief duty of the EOU is to identify and drive away every ‘moving ball of fire’ that will surely cause maximum damage to life and property in Nigeria without their quick thinking and bravery.

Award winning songwriter and singer, Asa sang about ‘Fire on the Mountain’ some years ago and the music resonated with many people who saw its association with happenings across the land. Were she to make a current take on the song using ongoing cues, how will she likely do it? What are some of the moving balls of fire in Nigeria today?

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